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The Aprons in Our Lives- Thanksgivings

As we were walking by our “Paisley” apron display in Paisley & Paper the other day, Marty and I were reminded of past Thanksgivings and some of the ladies who wore the aprons in our lives.

My paternal grandmother, Madelyn Garrison was the was a social cook in a cloud of flower and mist of grease.paisley-apron

Madelyn, who wore an old t-shirt while cooking then changed for the meal, was the middle child of 7 brothers and sisters in Simpsonville, SC. Madelyn kept up the family tradition until her death in 2011 of cooking and encouraging siblings and families “to bring a dish” over for Thanksgiving Day. Madelyn usually had a couple of “birds” whipped up and on the buffet tables to go with the incoming green bean casseroles and sweet potato pies. Her Thanksgivings were an informal reunion of sorts, complete with youngsters running about the yard, women helping in the kitchen, and men gathered around the open hood of the newest vehicle on the premises.

Madelyn often went to the trouble of making fried chicken for those who didn’t like turkey, which mostly included the kids running around in the yard. The t-shirt-in-lieu-of-apron was not by choice, but by necessity. Appearances didn’t matter. Food and family first. It was come as you are, go as you went…but ALL said “THANK YOU” to Madelyn at some point in the day…even if it was one of the sweaty kids wanting one last fried chicken drumstick to go.

Marty’s maternal grandmother was not a cook per say but wore an apron in any proximity to the kitchen where the Thanksgiving Day meal was made. The apron was a vestment, ceremonial and official. Martha Nell’s apron was starched and pressed, only truly needed as a protectant of her good clothes while making her sweet potato casserole loaded with large fluffy marshmallows. Martha Nell would also help cut up the relish tray, lovingly direct the participating daughters or daughter’s-in-law, and drink Bloody Mary’s.

Her apron here was formal, but again a family tradition. She was a society woman in Greensboro, NC. She was a southern flower of grace and love, and often entertained. The turkey, dressing, gravy, and right down to the Jerusalem Artichoke relish, were traditional and never to be deviated from.  The apron was symbolic and part of the communion with family central to the holiday, young and old. Kids gingerly played in the yard despite dire threats about soiled good clothes. Women in the kitchen exchanged news and recipes and the men exchanged prognostications on upcoming ACC football games over bourbon.

In the lives of Madelyn and Martha Nell, despite their choice of cooking garments, family was central.

At Paisley & Paper family is central to us as well, and whether or not you have a formal family tradition or an informal one, we have products on our shelves and services we provide that are a function of tradition. We have formal and informal Invitations, Stationery, Decorations and Gifts in the heart of the ’05 neighborhood. Come in and see us!

Your Personal Printing Consultant

While the crafting and printing of business cards are a small part of what we do at Paisley & Paper, the process speaks large volumes about what we are ultimately about: your personal printing consultant.

Business cards are a good example consultant driven custom printing. The finished product is a tactile, tangible representation of you who are and you hold yourself out to be. Similarly, the finished invitation is the embodiment of your event and earnest appeal for someone to attend your event.

Not many days go by that we don’t have one-on-one personal interaction between one of our sales associates and a customer for custom printing.  Frequent questions we get are:

“How do you think this will look?”

“Is this font too busy?”


Custom Business Cards at P&P

“When should we send the invitation?”

“Do I use RSVP or Regrets Only?”

“Is it appropriate to use only the host couples first names?”

The questions are endless. There are no bad questions and answering these is a great source of personal satisfaction for us. We deal with these questions every day and love to see a great finished product going out our doors. That’s why we place a small logo on the back of most things we print!

So…Thank you for the questions…we LOVE to answer them! We are striving to be your personal printing consultant!

We’re Paisley & Paper. Greenville, SC’s favorite paper, stationery, gift and business card store. You can find us on Augusta Road in the heart of the ’05 neighborhood.