Our story and our store is one of family.  Marty (Martha) always loved the beauty of stationery and the art of the handwritten letter. And a few years ago she had a dream of her own store that showcased all the wonderful things she loved. From that vision, Paisley & Paper was born. Her girls Riley and Carson, when they’re not in school, can often be found working the store, and son Walker occasionally makes an appearance. And of course there’s Bryan Garrison. Stop in on a Saturday afternoon and you just might catch him in the store. Bryan helps manage the back end of Paisley & Paper and if he’s not at his full-time job, he might be over here fixing something. And we can’t forget our store mascot, Dach.



“I like the process of pencil and paper as opposed to a machine. I think the writing is better when it’s done in handwriting.”–Nelson DeMille