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Paisley & Paper

Paisley & Paper has the best of Invitations, Stationery, Fine Papers, and Gifts!

The “Paisley” name connotes a trendy “little bit of everything” under one roof.

 Our goal is to continue to do what we do well…and grow in the hearts of our customers and community!

We take pride in our custom wedding and unique event Invitations, and the advice and consultation in the proper etiquite of preparing these items.

We offer custom printing, calling cards, stationery, embossing machines, and even a Silhouette artist.

We have many unique fine paper items, napkins, gift wrap, and card stock…that are even sold by the piece.

We are also known for our eclectic collection of greeting cards.

Our Gifts selection is extensive and ever changing: picture frames, candles, kitchen items, cups, rugs, jewelry, reading glasses, pocketbooks, wallets, keychains, clothing, scarves, hors d'oeuvres, buffet items, lotions, soaps, baby items, door hangers, art, vases, books, and cookbooks.

All of our items are handpicked based on customer input and gift wrapping is included with your purchase! 

We are a unique independently owned and operated “mom and pop” local store. We are not a “big box” retailer with unfeeling cookie cutter products. Our customer service, flexibility, and personal touch makes for a world class and pleasant experience. The most frequent comment from our customers is, “We love your store!”

We look forward to seeing you in our store!